Wednesday, February 24, 2010


need i say more?

Mini Me

What is one of my favorite trends for Fall 2010?

Since I'm teeny, I've been lucky enough to pull off short short skirts for the past couple of seasons. I've always loved the Cher Horowitz mini and was so happy to see that the hems were still rising at Vena Cava and Jenni Kayne. I also love how each mini ensemble was topped off by fur around the neck.
Check out these pictures from (1.) Generra, (2.) Jenni Kayne (3.) Vena Cava

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My fair (and brave with mixing prints and textures) Lady

Was just checking out the Peter Som Fall 2010 looks on, and I ABSOLUTELY adore everything. All of the looks are so feminine and tailored, but have this rock and roll bad ass mix of colors and patterns.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Photos from

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Erin Fetherston

tomorrow I was lucky enough to get invited to the Erin Fetherson show. There's no better way for me to spend Valentine's day, gorgeous clothes, sick music, and plenty of people watching.
Here are a few of my favorite looks from Erin's Spring 2010 collection. Also, this is what I'm planning on wearing to the show, ya like?

photos from

Paint it Black

Boots-Topshop, Skirt-American Apparel, Sweater-Topshop, Sunglasses-Ray Ban, Jacket-Zara

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's my Party and I'll wear what I want to

Well today is here, my 25th birthday, here are some of the dresses I've worn for THE BIG DAY over the past couple of years......

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So i cry...and I pray..... and I beg

love me, love me, say that you love me
fool me, fool me, go on and fool me.

Modern Love

David Bowie, is this the dress that inspired you to write my favorite song? This dress would definitely "Get me to the church on time."
I was lucky enough to score a Fashion Week invite to a show this Sunday (Valentine's Day), and gosh diddly darn it I wish I could wear this Moschino number.
With a pair of red towering platform heels, and my hair all tousled and sexy, I think this dress would help me believe in "Modern Love".

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My "real birthday" hasn't even hit yet

and I AM ABSOLUTELY exhausted. I guess I really am getting older. After my birthday party Saturday night and non-stop celebrating I am beyond a tired young lady.......the best part.... my real birthday isn't until.
Hoping to make it through the day, but my mood is very much like this Alma-Tadema painting.
wish me luck.

Cut it Out

Like my favorite character on Full House "Joey Gladstone" used to say "Cut it out", one trend I'm loving and wearing is the "Cut-Out" piece. Here's me in a Leyendecker dress with my friend Sam.

Shake Ya Tailfeather

I'm starting to get that pre-spring fever and am beyond excited to incorporate pastels and....a new favorite of mine, feathers into my wardrobe. Feathers seem like the perfect spring trend, this is when all the little birdies on Jay Bird Street come out again, with their beautiful singing.
I thought no designer captured the art of "spring feathers" better than Jason Wu, here are some photos of his Spring 2010 show.
Photos courtesy of

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bob Dylan Chic.

For all of you that know me I am a HUGE HUGE Bob Dylan fan. His lyrics, his cynicism, his voice, the fact that he dated Edie Sedgwick.
So when I came across this harmonica necklace
I knew I had to get it so I can play the harmonica solo of "Just Like a Woman", while seriously jazzing up my outfit with a Dylan-tastic accessory.

Pretty in Peach.

I can't stop looking at this pic of Kate Bosworth in Calvin Klein. She looks so fresh and feminine and I love the idea of wearing pastels with metallics. Lookin' pleasant in peach Ms. Bosworth.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wanted: all the shoes in my mother's closet.

At home in Connecticut today and I was just looking through my Mother's Closet. I seriously want to snag both of these flats from my Mom (I know what you're thinking, Micaela English in flats?)....but I can't get over how classic and chic they are!

Father knows best......

like Eartha Kitt sweetly sang, "my heart belongs to Daddy", I must agree. My Dad is pretty awesome. I would have to say that my love of fashion actually comes from my Dad, he has excellent taste and doesn't take his style too seriously. When I was young and he was travelling during the week I'd always help him pick out his ties, and whenever I come home to Connecticut I'm always excited to see what he's wearing. My Mom told me he was one of the most stylin' men on campus and when I found this old school photo of him, I got what she was talkin' bout.

Funny Bunny

When I'm at home for the day, I always love to find random trinkets I have laying around my bedroom. These bunny ears are from college, why I bought them, I don't recall, but I think I'm a pretty weird looking rabbit.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Single-galentine's Day.......

Already preparing for the dreaded "Hallmark-iday" coming up on the 14th. Besides listening to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" all day long, and sobbing to Ella Fitzgerald singing "My Funny Valentine". I will be wearing these sunglasses from Fred Flare all day long, hoping they attract some really cool hipster boy who can introduce me to a cool new band and takes polaroid photos...

Oh and Cupid, please please PLEASE strike Jake Gylenhaall for me, thanks Cupe-a-loop.

Giuseppe Za- do or Za-do "not"ti

While doing my morning roundup of my favorite shopping website
I can't help but start thinking about which spring shoes I should start saving up for.
Looking at this pair of Giuseppe's I can't decide whether they're a piece of art and would look awesome with an understated cobalt dress like this, or, if they simply look like "Summer Camp Couture". Like someone let a 7 year old make floral beading patterns and apply random swarovski crystals all over these 4.5 inch stilettos... What do you think? Check them out at the link below

Summer Camp Craft or Cha Cha-hottie?

Cute girl of the week : Courtney Hakanson

Courtney's style is classic and timeless. This young lady always looks put together, donning a button down and jeans, or a vintage floral frock. This west coast beauty's favorite accessory is an Hermes Orange Belt. She's got that "grace kelley" glow! Some of her favorite brands include: Calypso, Theory, Diane Von Furtstenberg, and she always knows how to pick out J.Crew items that make you wonder, wait seriously, that's J.Crew?
Love you Court!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Everyone has a celebrity crush......

mine of course is the Geico Gecko.
A.) he has a beyond charming and sexy accent, B.) is this season's Neon Green and C.) Money Savvy
Baby, let's do Artisinal, Saturday, I'll pay.