Thursday, January 13, 2011

On my wrist.

the most delectable scent.

Lorre Rodkin "I". it's like vanilla firewood laced with patchouli.

plus, the packaging is the most elegant shade of dark brown with faux-croc.

My Mantra.. a Perfectly kept office is the sign of a misspent life.

I haven't had my coffee yet... what you lookin' at

Elle Fanning of "Somewhere".

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Favorite Dress of 2010

I was lucky enough to wear this Carolina Herrera dress to the Apollo Gala this past November.
When people say some dresses make you feel like a princess, now, I can totally understand.
Accessorized with a brown CH belt and wearing probably 6 inch heels which you would never see because of the train.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fresh Faced and Fancy

I've never been a foundation girl.
That is however, before I went to the Giorgio Armani makeup counter and the lovely
salesperson put luminous foundation in 5.5 on my face.
when I say my skin looks glowing and model esque when i'm wearing this stuff.
i mean.
believe me.
i already have two friends who are HOOKED.

and then she said "that coat is very the Magic School Bus."........


Blog I'm loving..... paris vs. new york

My favorite Tim Walker pic.........

Pre-Fall Lanvin 2011. like shut the front door.

The original (and french) Serena Van der Woodsen

Brigitte Bardot.

Obsessions: France Luxe & L.Erickson

I just met with the lovely Jessica of France Luxe/ L.Erickson and got a preview of the latest "it" hair accessories.
Nothing is chicer than your hair pulled back with a gorgeous barrette.
While I can't show you the spring samples. Here are a few of my other favorites that are available now on their site:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Last Call........

now is when I do my REAL sale shopping.
I've been searching for the perfect top to tuck into my new high waisted wide leg black trousers.
i love the idea of a business-y lady like look with some serious TIE DYE punch.

this proenza schouler henley is now more than 50% off on the barneys website!

favorite ingreedy:


I have a big bottle of St. Germain in my kitchen for the times when that chilly glass of prosecco needs a little somethin' else.

It's just the right amount of sweetness. I am OBSESSED.

Plus a bottle of St. Germain literally looks like a piece of art. The bottle is so elegant and gothic.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Silent Snow?

one thing i don't like.
i don't find it comforting or soothing.

So on this "silent day" I am blasting White Hinderland's album through my headphones.
it is literally the most ethereal gorgeous album ever.
my favorite song?


Friday Cravings - Pink Friday

This Friday i'm craving everything raspberry and poodle pink. I don't know if it's the dreamy Tim Walker book I've been reading, or the pastel color of the sky right now...or Nicki Minaj's new album. ALSO tomorrow marks the day where there will FINALLY be light in my little apartment. TWO new lamps coming from modani. one is in picture number 5!
1.) MAC's new Nicki Minaj inspired Pink Friday Lipstick. how adorebs!
2.) American Apparel Raspberry Beret (shout out to Prince)
3.) Liberty of London Makeup Bag
4.) Charlotte Olympia pumps
5.)Duskrose 1967 Ford Thunderbird
6.) White chandelier Cassiopeia floor lamp from which is being delivered to my apartment tomorrow!

Have a sticky sweet weekend.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


LOVE these matiko flats. They're cute and comfty and i love the little gold studs. They also kind of look like they are by a great shoe designer names Shmistian Shmouboutin......

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a new section I am debuting: "Remember When."

We all have had those phases.
The phases you find laughing back at you when rummaging through your high school closet.
The KoRn cd you find in the backseat of your old car.
I am embracing the "remember when's" because what is better than poking fun of yourself when you thought you were "oh so cool."

so here it goes evidence of this photo i thought was dark and edgy..
Remember when..... I was emo?

Toto, we're not in kansas anymore......

we're in new york city my pretty!  so i can trade those ruby tartlette shoes for some neutral giuseppes!

Here comes the

Yes here it is ladies and gents.  A Lanvin bridal notebook to keep track of 
what's hot and what's not!  
While I am not touching the alter with a ten foot pole, plenty of my friends are, and what a perfect engagement gift.

Hot- your ceremony dress, your dancing reception dress, your platforms, your maidsies, your hubs

Not- your garter (so not a fan), neon sunglasses that people hand out,  playing the song "baby got back" at your wedding, the tennis pro you've been swinging it with on the side.

whip your veil back and forth brides!

Long and Longer

Words currently in my mictionary?
Bright Colored Lips.
LONG. LONG DRESSES. LONG SKIRTS. but not that jersey maxi-dress craze brought on by our inner-Nicole Richie's. Long sophisticated...and I can't believe I'm about to say this but..
So LONG to the mini.
Here are a few of my favorites from

1.) Issa-
2.)3.1 Phillip Lim
3.) Tucker


maybe i'll blog here and there.
only the zodiac galaxy and horoscopes will know for sure.

stay tuned charmers.