Wednesday, March 31, 2010

smells like......

St. Barth.

Ligne St. Barth is one of my favorite lines of products that my friend Carly B. introduced me to in, like fifth grade (she brought me lotion)!

They now have candles.  MmmMMmm Sandalwood! yum.


remember Clarissa's creepy younger brother?


Style Icon: Janice from Electric Mayhem

She is a serious lady with style.  She has a whole Joss Stone meet Donatella Versace look going, no?

I am and will always be a huge Muppet fan, I have a Kermit doll that is always with me.

Janice, you go girl!

On my Ipod

My Mom introduced me to Ingrid Michaelson, yes, my Mom (hi Liz).
I know she's very pop and silly, but I really do love her songs.

It reminds me of my road trips with my Mom up to the Cape.

This song is just so good.  "All Love" by Ingrid Michaelson.

In like a lion out like a lamb.

I'm growling for this Chloe Printed wool-blend leopard coat. It's not an in your face leopard print, it's more subdued, and makes leopard appropriate and playful for spring!

It's the little things.

Getting bored in the shower? Try spicing it up with Chloe Body Wash. My friends and I are all obsessed with this scent, it's very fresh and rosey. Also, the scent sticks, there's nothing more annoying and puzzling to me then: the Mystery of the Vanishing Scent.

My Favorite Dress.

I've gotten some questions from readers lately. Actually, no, just my bffl Laurie. Ha, but she was wondering what my favorite piece in my closet is?

It's actually a dress I've had since I was 18. So yeah, it's 7 years old.
It's Tracy Feith, and I wear it literally every summer. It's hibiscus halter corseted on the top and then the bottom is this bluish green tie dye flowy tiered bottom!

Here I am, gosh, when I had MUCH darker hair with my Mother at the Ocean Club in the Bahamas in 2005.

The Tie Project

My Uncle Pat, is the coolest Uncle around.

He is beyond creative, makes up crossword puzzles, has the funniest books about these mice, incredible cartoons and illustrations, and the list goes on.

My favorite part of going to my Aunt Mary Dee and Uncle Pat's house is next to the toilet paper in the bathroom there is a sign that reads "Free, take one." I literally crack up every single time I read it.

Uncle Pat just e-mailed me this awesome site called "The tie project" where this guy puts together all these ties and shirts that he owns, and wears them to work each day! These are some of my favorites!

Dreamt of this dress last night.....

dead serious. From what I remember I was in a Sound of Music scene, dancing to a my favorite things segment.......
Chanel Spring 2010 Couture Collection.

Photo from:

Easter Dresses.

Remember when you were a little girl and buying an Easter Dress was exciting! You could make it poofy and springy and girly.

Then, you hit age 13, and it's like awkward Church attire moving forward. You no longer want a basket full of candy, I wanted a Natalie Imbruglia CD and scented body glitter and poofy dresses=seriously dorky.

I wish I could still wear something like this, with little white gloves and a big white hat.

But I'm thinking of hitting up Nanette Lepore before I head home to CT for the weekend to find a pastel modern concoction!

So, then my Mom threatened to shred my credit card....

This just in: The Easter bunny is hopping down the Champs-Élysées

Scoping out this morning I came across these Easter Bunny Ears by Benoit Missolin.

Karl Lagerfeld meet Peter Cottontail.

Skirt Crazy much lately? Chew on this.

Sorry, I know, I just love a spring skirt. While I was away on vacation I was reading this incredible spread in Elle featuring this Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt and I just found it on Net-a-Porter and I'm freaking out (in a good way).

It reminds me of Fruit Stripe Gum!

Zebra Gum Picture:

Angelina Ballerina

Noticing tons of pale pink floaty skirts lately? Me too.

I love the idea of wearing a modern tutu out and channeling my favorite childhood book star:
Angelina Ballerina.

Here is a Haute Hippie Version and a Charlotte Ronson version (plus it gets toughened up with studs).

Angelina Ballerina Picture:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Can call all you want but there's no one home and you're not gonna reach my

photo from:

Shake that Laffy Taffy

Sweet Toothed Honey over here.

I love Salt Water Taffy. It's chewy and sticky and bad for you, what's not to like.

This store has the coolest flavors ever......Pumpkin Pie, CHOCOLATE CHIP, Red Licorice, Golden Pear, Honey, Guava!

Remember that time I bought a Gap Kids Dress?


well. AT LEAST it's Stella McCartney for Gap Kids (her second collection).

Being 5'2" has it's perks sometimes........

Seriously, considering buying the whole collection for my niece Gracie (one of the most stylish young ladies I've ever met).

Spring tights!

I'm not ready to go bare legged yet!
Pretty Pantyhose Perfect for a Spring party!

Bedrock Chic


I think Wilma should trade her white pebble necklace for this Anthology version.

Wils, if the green is too daring, go for the white so Fred doesn't throw a fit!


photo from

Bronze Goddess

Coming back from vacation is always a hard transition for me.

I still find sand in my handbag, my tan has almost completely faded, I can't take random walks on the beach whenever I feel like it.

However, Laura Mercier's Bronzing Powder at least helps me create the illusion that I'm still tawned and tanned and island-ed out.

It's one of the most natural looking bronzers I've ever used, because believe me, there have been times I look more Oompa Loompa orange than Jennifer Aniston glowing.

Moschino Cheap& Chic on my computer screen...makes me happy

Moschino Cheap & Chic almost always makes me smile.

Spring 2010 RTW was one of my favorite shows, when I'm feeling down I flip through the pictures on

Daisies, and hearts, and tons of pink.

My favorite is the first photo, it's like Little Bo' Peep gone seriously sexy. (and i LOVE the pink shoes!)

Paint the town Aqua, and Watermelon and Peach....

Have you seen the latest Chanel Nail Colours by Peter Phillips'?

In stores NEXT MONTH! I'm going to put my name on the waiting list, EVERYWHERE so I can own the complete set.

photo courtesy of

More Pretty Pretty Glasses

Pastel Glasses make even drinking tap water seem fancy.

How lovely!

Plus, I love mismatched magpie plates and glasses, so much more fun!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Blenheim Bouquet

I first smelled Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet scent when I was staying at the Hotel Splendido in Portofino, Italy.

It's fresh, musky, clean smelling and strong, all qualities of a perfect Micaela scent.

It's also an absolute classic, and the bottle is vintagey and so elegant.

We raise it up...

Obsessed  is an understatement with how I've been lately about Florence & the Machine.

Have you guys seen the video for Rabbit Heart (Raise it up), which actually may be my favorite song?


How awesome are these Ipod headphones.


My first car was a Saab, well my first and only car.  It was red, we called it the red rocket, and it obnoxiously had a license plate that read "MICC".

A good driver, I am not, but this car was so safe, so reliable, it was like a best friend to me.

For those of you who don't know the Swedish automaker may be Kaput before we know it.

Support Saab by buying one of these awesome tee shirts from Tretorn