Thursday, March 25, 2010

The man will thank me for this

Living in nyc, we are blessed with

I can order, sushi, pasta, quesadillas, margaritas, vegan dumplings, lemonade, sour candy, hey EVEN a McFlurry (yes McDonald's is the newest addition in my neighborhood, and not to sound cliche, but, I'm lovin' it.)

my only problem.

Most of the time when I'm in my apartment, I'm wearing next to nothing, usually just my towel wrapped around me.

So when the man/woman comes I'm running around throwing on a coat so I look somewhat decent.

I'm now going to buy these urban outfitters adorable tap shorts and keep them next to my door for instances! and a pair for the beach, and a pair for a summer walk, and a pair for bed.

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