Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fresh Catch of the Day

“I was surrounded by famous faces and glamorous socialites who wanted a healthy mix of baubles and bubbly.” Who said these words about the swimming success of her beach bustlin’ jewelry line LITTLE FOX LANE? Jessy Gold.

Jessy started creating her line a few years ago, after her hobby turned into an entrepreneurship. The summer before she started college, while working at Calypso in East Hampton, one high end customer didn’t ask if she could get a coral cashmere cardigan in a size small, she asked Jessy "who made that necklace you're wearing?" it was of course, Jessy's own creation! From that point forward, Jessy has been selling her designs, literally, right off her neck.

The inspiration for Little Fox Lane is the beach, in all dimensions. Each piece of jewelry is completely unique and one of a kind, like the real treasures that we find in the sea.

Coming soon, a sneak peek at what Jessy is designing now.

I smell a fall 2010 line, that’s beyond FOXY.

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  1. She certainly is a fresh catch... I'd hit that.